Safariland Model 77 Double Mag Pouch, Closed Top


The Model 77 Double Magazine Pouch is designed to carry two magazines on a 2.25″ (58mm) duty belt. The 77 features both vertical and horizontal belt slots, allowing it to ride in either a vertical or low-profile horizontal position. A magazine tension screw located between the two pouches allows for easy retention adjustment and is constructed of rugged SafariLaminate

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Gun Type

Glock 19, 23, 25, 32 (283), H & K USP45 Compact 45ACP, Springfield XD 45 (383), Beretta 92FCM, 92FM, 92DM, Colt Combat Elite, Commander, H & K P7, P7M8 (53), Kimber Classic Custom 45, Custom Royal, Gold Match 45, Gold Combat RL II w/light rail (53), Ruger P345, Sig P220, P220ST, P220R, P220R Compact, P245, Glock 20, 21 (53)


STX Tactical/Black Snap (13PBL), Plain Black/Hidden Snap(2HS), STX Hi Gloss/Brass Snap (49B), STX Hi Gloss/Hidden Snap (49HS), Synthetic Leather Hi Gloss/Chrome Snap (9), Synthetic Leather Hi Gloss/Brass Snap (9B), Synthetic Leather Hi Gloss/Hidden Snap (9HS), STX Tactical/Hidden Snap (13HS), Synthetic Leather Basketweave/Chrome Snap (4), STX Hi Gloss/Chrome Snap (49), Synthetic Basketweave/Hidden Snap (4HS)

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